How to Choose a Word For the Year

I’m a firm believer in writing New Year’s resolutions and goals and in all honesty I’m part of the 80% of the population who ditch them by February. They usually follow the lines of read the Bible, lose weight, learn to do my makeup and so on. But since adopting a Word for the Year I’ve managed to stay on track with my goals and feel much more joy.

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What is a Word for the Year?

Pentecostal churches always seem to provide its congregation members with a Word for the Year or even for the month / quarter. I’ve struggled with this because often it doesn’t feel personal enough, telling me this is what the Lord says for the season but then not seeing any evidence of that working in my life, it feels like a huge disconnect. Due to my complete failure at sticking to goals, I decided to dig deeper into resolutions, how to stick to goals, new habits etc and I stumbled across a Word for the Year. A Word for the Year becomes a guiding principle you hold onto for the year. As you strive to attain your set goals you come back to this word and it keeps you grounded, motivated and driven.

My Word for 2020

My word for 2020 was Diligence and that to me meant showing up daily at my chosen goals and to just keep trying.  It was a word in season for me, we all know 2020 was rough! Instead of giving up in February like most people I was determined to just keep showing up, to keep trying, to put in some effort no matter how small. Diligence felt like tiny baby steps in the right direction.

The scripture I loved was Proverbs 21:5 AMP “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance and advantage, But everyone who acts in haste comes surely to poverty.” My belief was that if I continued to show up I would arrive at abundance, which is a feeling of more than enough.

How to find your Word for the Year?

It’s not too difficult but not that easy. For me each time the words just came to me, like a whisper from the Holy Spirit! But a good approach is to think about what you’d like your upcoming year to look like, to think about what did / didn’t go well in the previous year and to of course pray and be led. Pick up scriptures that align with the words you are thinking about and I truly believe one singular word will jump out at you.

My Word for 2021

My word for 2021 is Grace. I really need this word because I have to apply it to myself; I’m about to birth another child, I found the newborn stage difficult mentally and physically the last time, and now this time I’ll have two young ones – who actually sent me to do this again?! I need to give myself a lot of grace in the season of raising two young kids, but also I need to extend grace to others. I know this year I’ve been particularly critical of some family members, verging on judgemental and actually we’re not called to judge but to extend grace, love and kindness to one another.

My next step will be to find scriptures about grace and isolate one I’m going to stand on throughout 2021. Right now I’m loving Hebrews 4:16 NKJV “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

For a more in-depth explanation of choosing a Word for the Year visit here.

Sis I believe that if you cover all your goals with a Word for the Year you’ll be much happier. My specific goals for 2020 such as to monetise this blog, I didn’t hit, but I hit the goal of being diligent, showing up and working on the blog often and that truly is enough for me in this season.

I pray 2021 will see me extend grace to myself and to others. Looking for the best in people and not the worst, giving them the benefit of the doubt and leaving judgement to God.

So Sis how would you summarize 2020 in just one word? And what word would you like to start pivoting towards in 2021?

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