Knowing Where to Start

Sometimes it’s really hard to know where to start.

Things can feel a bit overwhelming when you have a massive to do list and absolutely no inspiration to get started.

I completely understand how this feels – I’ve been feeling a bit like this recently. Between thinking about taking care of my home, my health, teaching this toddler something besides how to skip to the next Youtube Video and investing in my marriage, I just feel a bit blah! I’m not even thinking about my career or making extra income at this time, I’ve enough on my plate!

Sometimes knowing where to start feels very overwhelming…

I’ve been working with an incredible coach for the last few months, an accountability coach and it has been a really interesting experience. I won free coaching for a year and it’s as I expected, someone to check in and encourage me to keep running towards my goals. But because my coach is so successful in her own right, I didn’t expect her to be so compassionate about my slooooow approach to life. I had plans to launch a profitable business, advance my career, pay off lots of debt… she’s heard all my grand plans and seen me achieve none of them so far!

Sometimes we set goals and then beat ourselves up when life happens along the way. My coach has really helped me to give myself permission to refine my goals over and over again to match the season that I’m in. I started with about 5 goals and now I’m focused on just 1, which I am perfectly comfortable with in this season.

If at the end of the year I only achieve ONE goal I don’t think I’ll be disappointed and that’s the perspective I’m trying to keep.

So knowing where to start – well my toddler really doesn’t care about her ABCs and hopefully she will start back at her childcare soon so someone else can teach her – ha! The house is my priority right now because we are home so much, so getting into a rhythm of cleaning and decluttering is the most important. In my health I have purchased a fit bit type watch which I keep forgetting to charge, but hey it’s progress! And in terms of investing in my marriage we have irregular date nights, it’s a start! I’ve scrapped all my goals and decided to focus on home organisation and decluttering, once that’s under control I’ll pick up another goal and on and on it will be for me.

My encouragement to you Sis is to list out the big things and just start with one, one that you care about and won’t run out of steam in. Remove the guilt about where you’re starting and just go! I’m a firm believer in doing a little something is better than doing nothing, who cares if you’re not doing it perfectly and who cares if it takes you ages, just get started!

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