The Miracle Morning

Apparently I’m a personal development junkie, so my husband says. He might be right and I’m really not ashamed if it! I truly believe in life long learning and I also believe I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so I’m all about learning from others! Come learn about ‘The Miracle Morning.’

Waking Up Early

My new find is ‘The Miracle Morning’.

I was told about this concept months ago but was unconvinced. The premise of this book/ idea being there are some key principles that successful people abide by and these things can be adopted by us for our own personal success. The first tip being to wake up early – OUCH! I literally ran away from this idea saying I’m not a morning person. I attempted to wake up early a few times and completely failed! I’d set the alarm, wake up in the morning and swiftly go right back to sleep saying I was just too tired. I had no real purpose for waking up that early. Waking up to exercise or read?! No thanks, sounded like a punishment!

I ran away from the idea for so long thinking ‘I’m just not that type of person’, but one day last week I decided to give it a go.

Firstly I didn’t get the book I got the audio book, for free, cough, on the web, cough. Don’t judge me, I was highly skeptical so didn’t want to spend my coins. It took me a few days to finish the book but from the first listen I was convinced this was what I needed in my life.

My Learnings

One of my first aha moments was the idea that waking up in the mornings grumbling and complaining was like saying you didn’t like your life, didn’t want to wake up, didn’t want to live! I decided I had to change that immediately. Deep down I was grateful to wake up in the morning, life is a gift and I was keen to start commanding my mornings and taking control of my day.

One of the key tips for waking up early is doing affirmations the night before. Instead of going to sleep the night before saying “Ugh I have to wake up tomorrow”, I now say “I’m grateful to wake up in the morning and I look forward to waking up”. This has had a profound impact! Waking up early is now really easy.

I also have an accountability partner in my good friend Nefe. We text every morning to say we’re up. It’s so simple but it really keeps me on track.

What Do You Have to Lose?

It’s really easy to watch YouTube book reviews/ summaries of The Miracle Morning but I truly believe it’s worth your investment to read/ listen for yourself. Someone’s second hand account isn’t going to do the concept justice. Not only have I been waking up early, with a purpose, but I can tangibly see the improvement in my life. I’m less sluggish during the day, achieving my goals and being productive with joy. Give it a go, the audiobook is only 5 hours long and heck it’s FREE!

Sis whether you decide to adopt the Miracle Morning or do something else for your own personal development, let me encourage you that you can do hard things and you are able to write your own script in this life.

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