Welcome to Winning Each Season

Welcome to Winning Each Season

Hi and welcome to Winning Each Season! This is a space for women to speak openly about their experiences in Marriage, Finances and Life Organisation.

These 3 topics are extremely dear to my heart and I’m a work in progress in each.

About Me

Let me start by introducing myself and then sharing a few facts about me.

My name it Tola Gbaja-Biamila. I’m a Christian wife and mother who is passionate about blogging about REAL LIFE! I am married to the intelligent, caring, Minister of Fun, Ola. We’ve been married for almost 7 years. We met at university, and have been really close friends ever since. The story evolved from friends to lovers and here we are! Still laughing at each other’s jokes and annoying each other!

I’m Mummy to a smart, brilliant, demanding, boss chick named Dara. She is the light of my life! Yes I’m that Mum who is smitten by her child, and I don’t apologise! I always say I prayed for her so I’ll enjoy every moment! Dara is almost 3 years old and calls me her best friend! Awww!!

But who am I? I feel I’m a woman who has lost her way…I got married and I was a wife, had a child and I was a mother, but along the way I forgot what I liked to do, I feel like I forgot how to be myself. I struggled to invest in my frienships more than saying hi on Instagram, hardly any hobbies, so overwhelmed by being a wife and a mother.

This blog is part of me returning to some of my first loves. I used to have a blog – Bushbabeuk, it was a hilarious blog about day to day life. I really enjoyed writing the blog but somehow allowed myself to become discouraged, worrying what my future husband would think of this clumsy, plain jane who everything seemed to happen to… What a shame I allowed those thoughts to prevent me from living out a purpose…

Before being a wife and a mother I was the life and sole of the party but from the kitchen! I’d be cracking jokes whilst serving food, passing out drinks and generally fooling around. I loved to be helpful, be silly, talk to people and get to know people. I genuinely take an interest in people, especially women, I think we are so fascinating and incredible! I’m the type of girl to call you Sis within 5 mins and take your number by the end of the night. I make friends easily but need to get better at checking in on them…

6 Fun Facts:

1. My favourite number is 3! I just love it, I don’t know why. Job interviews I always answer in 3s, houses I live in, I love to have the number 3! Weird!

2. I’m an only girl with 3 brothers but I wasn’t spoilt…she says!

3. I got engaged and married within 3 months! Yes it can be done! Although I don’t talk about having a meltdown 2 weeks before the wedding because I couldn’t find the right colour sashes for my bridesmaid dresses!

4. I am a homeowner even though I only had about £1,000 to my name. Somebody shout hallelujah! Definitely a story for another day.

5. I can ride a unicycle! Well I could during the summer of …I dunno the summer! But when Southwark council used to give kids free summer activities, I signed up for a circus training course and learnt how to ride a unicycle!

6. I’ve been on my dream holiday, it was a trip to Thailand. I absolutely loved Thailand and would go back in a heartbeat. All that fresh seafood, endless beaches and cocktails are me right about now!

So that’s a little about me.

Now over to you – Who are you? How did you find me?

Stick around, it will be worth your time I promise!


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